We are always delighted to hear from our valued customers, and we very much appreciate all your kind comments. Here are a few emails received over the past few years...

Wow! Wow! Wow! What an amazing rosary! I just love it. The look and feel are P-E-R-F-E-C-T! Finally, a rosary that allows each prayer to have its "own time". The opportunity to participate in the design was such a gift and truthfully made it a great fit for my prayer life now.
Deacon Chris - (United States) - March 2023

The rosaries are here! Very smooth shipping, arrived right on time. They are just beautiful. Thank you. These are both large rosaries and the components all go together so well. Workmanship is top notch; these aren't going to come apart unless someone is very determined! :) The wrapping is tight and consistent - I know that this takes lots of skill and experience to achieve. Very pleased! Truly these are heirloom quality. I may just be back to take a look after the first of the year...
Diane - (United States) - November 2023

I received the rosary last week and wanted to get in touch to say how much I was taken by surprise. I was not expecting something so beautiful, it took my breath away. Thank you so much, the skill and talent is really appreciated.
Miss A - (United Kingdom) - March 2023

I am trying hard to contain my feelings. My garnet and onyx Rosary with bronze centrepiece and crucifix has just arrived, at 3 pm on the feast of Our Lady of Mt Carmel, in a box wrapped with a beautiful green velvet ribbon (which coincidentally happens to match the colour scheme of my living room!) and accompanied by a beautiful Certificate of Authentication, and a complimentary Rosary pouch. The garnet and onyx beads are absolutely stunning, as are the centrepiece and the crucifix, the workmanship is faultless, and the Rosary is simply exquisite. Your service has been out of this world. I would describe my experience and the level of satisfaction in dealing with Sam's Rosaries in even greater superlatives if I could think of some. All I can do is to conclude by saying that from now on I will be recommending Sam's Rosaries, and Sam's Rosaries alone, to all and sundry.
Elizabeth - (Australia)

FEDEX just delivered my rosary a couple of minutes ago. First of all, it is absolutely beautiful. I especially like the "heft" and the size and length. It is perfect! Also, I am extremely impressed that the delivery date given to me absolutely was spot-on! It always is a wonder when something that I have ordered from Europe arrives so much faster than the U.S. Postal Service can deliver from a site only 40 miles from my home! It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Your prompt replies to my several questions were appreciated as were the updates sent to me regarding both the building of the rosary and the updates to shipping, both from you and from FED-EX. Over the years, I have had many rosaries, most of which feel apart because of flimsy construction and the use of chains. The rosary from you all will still be strong and lovely long after I am gone and someone else has use of it.
Charles - (United States) - May 2022

have to thank you so much for my beautiful Pearl and Kyanite Rosary that I received in the post this morning. It is so much more than I expected. The warmth and lustre of the pearls blend so well with the blue stones. I absolutely love it. Thank you once again for your superb workmanship and great service.
Jocelyn - (United Kingdom)

Received my rosary and just wanted to thank you. My family was in the church goods business for many years in the U.S. and we sold many rosaries, some imported from Italy. The craftsmanship, beauty and quality of your rosary is superior. One of the very best I've seen. Thanks for your obvious commitment to providing the highest quality. I will definitely recommend you to anyone that wants the best!
Charles - (United States) - August 2020

Hi Kirsty, just wanted to send an email to "Sams Rosaries" to express our delight at our lovely rosaries. We chose the Freshwater Pearl Rosary (Argentium) and the Men's Large Garnet and Bronze Rosary.(A 31st wedding anniversary gift to each other) The quality is amazing and has a nice weight. They feel nice and sturdy and it will be lovely to pass on in the family to the next generation. (but not for a while!!!!)
Eileen & Tony - (United Kingdom)

FedEX delivered my rosary today. I was very happy to receive this beautiful piece of devotional art. It looks to be strong and endurable. I very much appreciate the quality craftsmanship, and I look forward to years of good use. May God bless your work.
Margaret - (United States) - October 2021

It is arresting! It grabs one's attention immediately. A rosary of classic elegance. My immediate impression was of a very old rosary from when quality material and pride of workmanship was a watchword.

My second impression was the length of the rosary. It almost appeared too long, but not to worry, this is not a criticism. In fact, the length allows for enough space between the beads for me to hold each bead separately without feeling either the bead before or after the one I am holding. For me, a rosary that is too short forces my fingers to brush across more than one bead, causing me to lose my place.

Upon closer inspection, I observed additional features of the rosary. First, the quality and durability of the chain and links used on the rosary, as well as the caps on the black Onyx beads is superior to any other rosary I have handled. The antique bronze look of the metal parts of the rosary compliments the other colors of the rosary. Second, the cross and the centerpiece are in proportion to each other. Although I would have to see it in my hand, I think, from the photograph, that the original crucifix would appear to be much larger than the centerpiece. I like the proportion between the cross and the centerpiece on my rosary. Separately, the Celtic cross is handsome and the centerpiece is lovely. They go together well.

Thirdly, when I examined the Kambaba Jasper I discovered that each one has differences from the others. Some appear to be green, some appear to be black, some appear to be both and some appear to be mottled. In other words, each bead of Kambaba Jasper is unique. Fourth, Strangely enough the uniqueness of the Jasper is offset and enhanced by the black onyx beads. These beads, being uniform in size and color, lend the strength and stability needed to balance the diversity of the Jasper.

A rosary is a hand tool: made to be handled and used in the saying of the Rosary. Any craftsman will tell you that there are differences in even the same type of hand tool. A basic tool may be OK for getting the job done; useful but not exciting to use. But a finely crafted tool can be a joy to hold and use. Pick it up and it almost seems to become an extension of one's hand. The Kambaba Jasper & Onyx Rosary that I purchased from you is finely crafted and feels so natural to hold and use. It seems to flow in my hands and become a part of me when I pick it up. As I say the Rosary it seems to me that my prayers and intentions flow more strongly thru my rosary to whichever Person of the Holy Trinity that my Rosary is directed to. I have also found this rosary to be useful for saying other prayers and litanies as well as being comforting when I get worried or stressed. In short the rosary is delightful to hold and a joy to use.
Marvin - (United States) - December 2021

Received my Large Kambaba Jasper and Onyx rosary on Monday, October 26th and I have used the beads twice. There is no doubt of the beauty of the stones: the black onyx Paters blend perfectly with the black swirls in the jasper Aves. The cross and centerpiece are also very beautiful. Perhaps what strikes me the most, however, is the spacing between the beads. While my hands are not large by any means, I appreciate being able to hold each bead without the next bead being so close that can't help but feel it. I say my rosary in complete darkness, so the tactile sensation is heightened for me. This rosary is probably the most comfortable rosary I have ever used. Thank you very much for constructing such a wonderful vehicle for my prayer life!
John - (United States) - October 2020

Hi Kirsty, At 11:45 today I received the absolutely beautifully hand made chaplet and bracelet from your shop. I am so please with the fantastic workmanship of the pieces as well as the magnificent beads. Thank you for your dedication to making them -they are precious to me. We are slowly getting out of quarantine I pray that your country will quickly rid of this virus. too. Take care, stay health and continue to honor God by these beautiful products.
Eileen - (United States) - June 2020

I just wanted to say thank you for the great service all around, as well as for the beautiful rosary. I took a little gamble paying for something online from you guys as you never know who you are talking to online, but the rosary is beautiful and all I hoped for. Really appreciate everything and will definitely be ordering from you again.
Brandon - (United States) - May 2020

Delighted to tell you that the Rosary arrived this morning. I am absolutely thrilled with the quality and beauty of the product. The Authentication Certificate really adds great grandeur to it . All in all the professionalism shown from my enquiry, order and receipt of same is second to none and a bench mark for all engaged in business. The rosary itself is magnificent and is a credit and tribute to the maker. May he benefit from the prayers that will be said and blessing that will accrue from its use throughout its lifetime, which I expect will be a long one. Thank you so much for such a lovely experience throughout.
Edward - (United Kingdom) - February 2020

They arrived!!! Thank you SO much for pushing the order through. They are absolutely beautiful and I can't wait for my Mum to see them. They will be much admired half a world away so I'll be sure to recommend you.
Donna - (New Zealand) - December 2020

The rosary bracelet arrived today and is beautiful. Your craftsmanship and presentation is lovely and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I know who may be interested. Thank you so much and best wishes to you and all who work with you.
Karen - (United Kingdom) - Jume 2015

Kirsty, the rosary arrived safely today, thank you sooooo much! It is even more beautiful than I expected it to be, so nice I'd like to keep it for myself! I have no doubt my god-daughter will absolutely love it, thank you so much.
Alison - (United Kingdom) - June 2015

My white agate rosary bracelet arrived today it is to be a present, but I just had to have a look! Breathtakingly beautiful very personal, it will be cherished and always on my wrist receiving many prayers for those I love - but I must wait until next Tuesday until I can see it again! Thank you Kirsty and your team!
Felicity A - (United States) - July 2014

I was kept informed at every stage and with no expectation made of me. Their only concern was to create a bespoke rosary that was right for me. I couldn't recommend this company highly enough. "If Carlsberg made rosaries then they still couldn't match Sam's rosaries".
Mr S - (United Kingdom) - June 2014

I received my beautiful rosary safely last week. Thank you! It has already been in good use. I know the rosary is just as effective if it is said on a string of knots but the beauty of your rosaries is such an inspiration to enrich even more the powerful prayer and meditation of the rosary.
David - (United Kingdom) - November 2013

I just wanted you to know that I have just collected my rosary from the sorting office and I couldn't be more delighted. Not only is it absolutely beautiful but the quality and intricate detail has to be seen to be believed and it is incredible value for money. In this day and age of poor service and shoddy workmanship you stand out as an example of how all businesses should treat their customers. Your communication was first class and I will always be grateful for the effort you made to ensure my Mum would get her rosary for Christmas. If there is any justice in this world your business should flourish for years to come. I will definitely buy from you again in the future.

Hi! Just a little note to say I received the rosary today and it is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much!

Hi there - Rosary just arrived - every bit a nice as you described - my mother will be thrilled - the Lady of Sorrows is special. Also the certificate adds a special dimension.

Hi, Just wanted to say I received the Rosary beads today - they are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you ever so much.

Just received the rosary - it is stunning. Thanks so much for your efforts and helping us mark the occasion on time. We really appreciate all your help.

Just received the first communion rosary as promised today. My daughter will love it, it is beautiful! I am so delighted and I am glad that I went with your company.

Received the bracelet and my wife is so very pleased with it, the quality and craftsmanship is beautiful. We will definitely be ordering again in the near future, these are the best rosaries I have seen by far. Thank you very much for a beautiful item.

I have just received your parcel and want to say I appreciate how beautifully you packaged the rosaries . I have opened my own Anglican Rosary and am thrilled... The workmanship is stunning and it is really beautiful, I am so pleased with the colour combination as well...it is just as I imagined.

Rosary arrived today, it is Magnificent & my wife loves it. Thanks so much.

I want to let you know how absolutely thrilled I am with the rosary beads. They are so so beautiful & the skill & work you have put into them is very much appreciated. Thank you also for the lovely words on the certificate, it just adds to the uniqueness of the rosary. I know my mum & aunt will also be delighted with them. My mum won't see them until Tuesday so I will drop you an email then & let you know her reaction! You were a real find on the internet & it has been lovely to speak to you as well. With very best wishes for continued succcess

Just to let you know that I received the rosary bracelet yesterday for my granddaughter Daphne's Christening, I shall be taking it to New Zealand next month, it was just lovely and the personalised certificate just makes it that bit more special. I should like to thank you again for the splendid workmanship and despatch.
From a very happy Grandma

I just wanted to let you know that the Rosary has arrived and it is absolutely gorgeous. They really do look even better than they do on the website. Thank you again for all your patience while we made our mind up - it has been a real pleasure dealing with you.

I was looking for a special Rosary for my granddaughters First Holy Communion, after much searching I found Sam's Rosaries, I saw the one I liked and e-mailed for some info as to variations in length etc, the reply was prompt, answering all my questions whilst also advising of other options available (which were cheaper than my requested options). In the end I opted for the freshwater pearl rosary wrapped in argentium wire.

Once ordered I was contacted for the details for the certificate and I was able to add my granddaughters name as well as the date and church. I was advised of the day my rosary was to be made and received it by recorded delivery shortly after, I was truly amazed at the quality and style, it is by far the best rosary I have ever seen.
I am happy to recommend Sam's Rosaries for Quality, value for money and customer service. I will be using them again and have already recommended to family and friends.

Rosary arrived this morning. It is so perfect in every detail - truly beautiful. I thought the picture on the website was beautiful but to handle the real thing it is absolutely stunning. Thank you so much

I received the rosary yesterday and I am very pleased with it. The workmanship it is beautiful and the garnet with agate beads work really well together. Thank you so much for your advice and delivering so quickly.

My beautiful silver beads lead me through prayer each day and; became especially important after my family bereavement. I had them blessed at St Andrews Cathedral and ; they caused a stir and; I provided your details to those that loved them! Anyway, I can't thank you enough...beautiful product produced by artisan craftsmen; precious to me! Thank you SO much
Sue - (United Kingdom) - January 2020

I received my ebony and bronze rosary and it's the most beautiful thing. I spent time online researching various sites and rosary options and found yours to be the most beautiful and well crafted. That is certainly the case since I received mine. The pictures and descriptions were extremely helpful. The ebony and bronze has a wonderful old world styling and the craftsmanship is excellent.
Paul - (United States) - September 2020

Just wanted to say I received the rosary and am very pleased with it. The photos do not do it justice as to how beautiful it is, it feels real quality in the hand and the craftsmanship is obvious. I look forward to many years of use.
David - (United Kingdom) - June 2018

THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The Rosary is beautiful! More than what I expected .
Father V (United States)

I received our rosaries yesterday. They are the most beautiful rosaries i have ever seen! As I promised I dedicated my first set of prayers to you and your family. I could not be happier with them. The attention to detail is absolutely amazing. I plan to spend the rest of my life praying with this rosary and from the quality i know it will last long enough to do it. I have searched for years to find a rosary of this quality, and feel blessed to have one of your creations. Thank you so much for your time, patients, and exquisite craftsmanship. We will treasure these for ever. I will recommend you to everyone I meet looking for a rosary.
Joseph - (United States) - January 2018

I just wanted to contact you to let you know I received my rosary and it was so much more beautiful in person then in your pictures. I wanted to thank Kirsty for all her patience with me and my many emails to make sure I received the rosary I wanted. For also reassuring me on the durability of your rosaries, Now that I have mine my worries are all gone. I truly believe this rosary will last more than my lifetime. Thank you all very much for a piece of art I can use daily.
Dan - (United States) - December 2014

The Rosary has just arrived. For a man whose profession is oratory (I'm a lawyer), I am nevertheless lost for words. It is absolutely beautiful, and will be with me wherever I go. Thank you so much.
Paul - (United Kingdom) - November 2012

WOW!!! It has just arrived and it is absolutely wonderful and beautiful, I am blown away! I particularly like the centrepiece, the gaze between Mary and Jesus is amazing. Thank you for being so helpful in your suggestions, you were spot on. Thank you so much for this, I know I now have a most precious work of art that will always draw me into prayer and bring me comfort. What a wonderful husband I have for putting this idea into my head for a Christmas present!

My rosary arrived today and it is absolutely beautiful. It is exactly what I wanted and although the web pictures are good, they don't really convey how lovely the rosary actually is, and I am thrilled with the result. Thanks for your all your help and advice, being able to choose the elements I wanted make it feel like a very special and personalised piece. The personal and speedy service received by the company has been exceptional, and I will not hesitate to recommend you.

Thank you so much for my beautiful Rosary. The detail on the cross and centrepiece is inspirational to my daily prayers. The Rosary is so carefully made, and I thank you for the good customer service also. I will recommend to my friends and no doubt order further Rosaries for family members. May God bless your work!

G & H

Just to let you know i received the Rosary on Saturday. Its beautiful.

Wow!!! My Agate Rosary has just arrived. I have seen loads of Rosary's in my time, but the skill & workmanship that has gone into making my rosary is simply breathtaking!!! Thank you very much. I will spread the word about you.

The rosary has arrived! and it is far beyond my expectations, thank you so much. The colours and the weight of the beads are fantastic, it really does remind me of my Grans old rosary.

My rosary arrived a few days ago, and it is absolutely gorgeous. I feel so lucky to have such a beautiful rosary. It is truly heirloom quality and I will treasure it always. Thanks again for all you help--I was afraid to make such a pricey purchase sight unseen, but now that my rosary is here, I can't imagine it being one bit better. I absolutely love it!!!

Thank you so much for your exceptional customer service and for a beautiful product. The rosary arrived on Friday just as promised, so impressed and grateful that you were able to process the order in such a short time. This was a present for my sister's birthday and she was thrilled with it.

Greetings from Idaho! Just a quick note to let you know the rosary arrived today...it is so beautiful and beyond expectations! Thank you so very much for all your kind assistance with this special gift! I truly feel I've made a friend in the process!

I have just received my rosary bracelet this morning and am delighted at the quality it is fab fab fabulous and I love it thank you so much for your kind help when I was purchasing online and also to the people who make these beautiful bracelets. I will be using you again and telling everyone about you.

Oooh my gosh, i just received the rosary beads they are absolutely amazing!!! thank you so much for you help you was so good!!!

The rosary and certificate arrived safely. I have to say that the rosary is a beautiful piece of work and exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for this.

Just to let you know that parcel came this morning, all I can say is awesome thank you so much, it is so perfect.

I've just received the Rosary Bracelet and I am delighted, it is absolutely beautiful and perfect for a little girl making her communion.

Thank you so much I have just received my order and it is beautiful can't thank you enough as I know it was short notice, I will be recommending you as you gave an excellent fast and quality service. Thank you again

Kirsty... I just got the rosary and crucifixes yesterday. I was in awe of the beauty and quality. I can't wait to get them blessed Sunday, and give my son his rosary. Again... Thank you for working with me to get my son the gift he wanted.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help and advice. The rosary has arrived and it is beautiful, i am sure my daughter will be very pleased.

I received the rosary today. It is absolutely beautiful and superbly made. Thanks for the great service.