How we process your data

We collect personal information about you when you complete a contact/order form on our website, we may also collect personal information when you call or email us. The information we collect is exclusively for the purpose of (a) processing and managing your order and (b) dealing with your enquiry or any other queries you may have about our service.


The personal information we collect about you must be processed lawfully, fairly and transparently. Our legal basis for processing your information is that we have a 'legitimate interest' in developing a business relationship with you to achieve our business objectives.

Data collected

The information we collect may include:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone number and/or email address
  • Information specifically related to your enquiry or order

We  do not  store your credit card details or other financial information. We do not pass your personal information to third parties.

How we store your data

Any information which we hold will be held securely in accordance with our internal security policy and the law. We store your data securely offline at our UK office location, which only senior management can access.

We will store your data for a limited time, usually 12 months or such time that our purpose for processing your data has been completed. For customers who have purchased from us, and where we have a contractual agreement, we will store your data for up to 7 years as per statutory requirements.

Where you have withdrawn your consent or opted-out we may store a minimal quantity of your data within a suppression file to ensure we comply with your request and with regulatory requirements.

Access rights

You have the right to see, correct, restrict or remove your personal information. For subject access requests please contact us using the details below. We may require identification in order to disclose personal data.


Individuals have a right to complain to the relevant UK regulatory authority, which is the Information Commissioner's Office, their details can be found at  www.ico.org.uk

Contact details

If you have any questions about our policies or the data we collect we can be contacted at:

Sams Rosaries
Steward's House
TD10 6UL

0131 208 5544



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