Your rosary beads are hand-made using strengthened sterling silver wire (or strengthened argentium/brass wire where applicable). Our hand-wrapping method means our rosary beads are significantly stronger than other types of rosaries (e.g. more basic strung, linked or chain rosary beads), and with proper care should last decades, making them truly heirloom quality.

We are so confident of our build quality and parts that we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our rosaries against breakages as a result of faulty parts or defective workmanship.

Warranty Repairs

If you have any issues with your rosary then simply contact us and we will advise you how to return your rosary for repair.

If your rosary is more than 1 year old then you must cover the cost of postage/shipping both ways.

Non Warranty Repairs

Please note: Our warranty does not cover misuse, accidental damage or excessive wear and tear. In this case we can still repair your rosary but we will ask for a small fee to cover parts and labour.

In some cases when a rosary is used with too much force (or has been tugged or pulled) you will notice that the loops are no longer circular, and have become an elongated or oval shape. This will cause the wire to be weakened and so care should be taken to avoid this as this will not be covered under warranty.

Similarly if you are wearing your rosary as a necklace then the body's natural oils and sweat can oxidise and weaken the silver/brass wire and care should be taken to clean and maintain your rosary to avoid damage from corrosion and oxidisation.

If you have accidently damaged your rosary do not worry, we can repair it. We simply ask that you send it back to us to assess. We charge a small fee to cover our costs of repair and will let you know the costs before any work is carried out.

If you have any questions about your rosary please feel free to contact us.

Thank you
Sam's Rosaries